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maggus;45355 wrote: Very strong fatigue
panic attacks
fear and depression
a little earache and headache
extreme drinking requires
Stomach rumble
racing heart
tired muscles
burning eyes
hair loss
brain fog

All of these are probably Candida overgrowth symptoms and not necessarily stemming die-off. All of these tell me that you still have a severe case of a Candida fungal infestation.

You’re eating both mushrooms and beef, so that means you’re not following the strict diet that is available if you want it. This also answers your question, “Any ideas why it doesn`t work for me?”

I’ll try to take time to look at your individual supplements which are not on the forum protocol.

Carrots are starch which turns into sugar once they’re being digested. Wanna feed the Candida? You don’t have to eat pure sugar; eat carrots, potatoes, rice and pasta. They’ll think it’s Christmas.