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No problem folks…I am happy we put together something that we are both happy with in one post.

The only differences between me and Able is that we promote different probiotics. The one’s he recommends are completely OK; however I feel that the ones I am taking that have HMF: Human micro flora, are very good as well. HMF forte is a prebiotic while HMF Neuro is a probiotic; both are about 12.5 billion potency (not very high). If I were to take these ones, I would do it at the beginning or end of your treatment. Again, rotating probiotics to gain different strains is recommended so that you have a wide variety in your gut.

I also thought that I’d mention that I didn’t do the detox cleanse, so it isn’t completely necessary but recommended to set your body up with the correct environment for recovery.

FML432: Here’s a good vitamin E product that doesn’t contain any soy or other junk ingredients. My favorite 3 brands of vitamins are thorne research, standard process, and nature’s way.

I wish everyone luck in their recovery and if it doesn’t progress as quickly as you’d like, it may because of vitamin deficiency or specific organs being damaged.