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Kots wrote: Hi all, so after finding this forum and researching more and more I’m really hoping that most of symptoms are Candida related as it all makes total sense for what I have been through and I’ve been on the diet 2 weeks now, I wondering if I should get officially tested?

My question is, is it worth it for me to get tested and are there tests that show you the level of candida that is within my body? Would I just say a holistic doctor for this? Have most of you been tested as well? Is there anything specific I should know about getting tested and the results?

Thank you


Do you want to be tested ??
Do you want to keep your hope alive confirmed by a test ??

I am going to advice you a test. Don’t lose time with any other. This is the only reliable test available to detect CRC. Still, no 100 % effective, but 99 %.

Candida Immune Complexes in blood by Genova Lab.
Caution, this isn’t a blood antibody test with IGG, IGM, and IGA.

Good Luck, if you have the syndrome, I am sure it will be positive.