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Jmb;30981 wrote: How should i go about tackling them both ?

good question…..haven’t THE answer you are looking for but, I was treated for SIBO years ago through a elemental diet protocol of vivonex for two weeks. This was to starve off the bad bacteria. Have also heard in some SIBo cases antibiotics are used to kill off the bad bacteria.

My personal opinion is they are both signs of disbyosis of Flora, which candida treatment is aimed at correcting. Candida and Bad Bacteria take over the territory from where pro-biotics (good bacteria) are supposed to keep them in balance. Perhaps treating candida might help correct both situations since many antifungals have antibiotic properties. You might print out this forums full protocol.

Might I also suggest researching endocrine systems and how the thyroid/adrenals interplay with all the above conditions.

I don’t believe any two people got candida the same way nor will their treatment progress be the same. Something in our systems is out of balance and returning them to balance is the aim of any kind of treatment. One system kind of struggles, others try to pick up what the struggle system is dealing with and a negative feedback loop is created. In my case it was so gradual and initial signs were came on so gradually I didn’t know I was getting sick – most are slow healers. This forums protocol is designed with many things which help all these conditions, it just takes time.

Not sure if I answered your question but, perhaps there is a tidbit in the above which may aid you healing journey. Wishing you nothing but healing graces and as happy of holidays as possible.

May 2013 prove to be a year where so many of us all are blessed with genuine healing.