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I think you are right Javizy. Most people seem to have a very passive role when it comes to their bodies and health. They expect the doctor to always know the best and they just want to get a magic pill that will make everything ok again. But most of these life style illnesses actually come from the imbalances caused by our ways of living. Then it makes sense that you will need to take a very active role in looking for answers and restoring that balance. Something needs to change.I realised that while I have a a good doctor, in the end of the day, I will have to figure all this out for myself if I am to succeed.

I do wonder though, given that life style illnesses are on the rise and doctors not much of a help, if the percentage of people actively looking for answers and making effort to get better will increase as well. This could be a good thing in terms of people becoming generally more aware and educated about their health. Maybe health care will need to evolve too in order to respond to the demands of this growing group of educated patients?