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With obamacare we are going to get a uniformalized generic standard health system where we are prescribed drugs, vaccines, but no general health remedies or solutions. They are going to be treating an obese, lazy, and dumb culture where everyone is addicted to sugar and good tasting unhealthy foods created from GMO crops. Basically the aim is for people to get ill and for them to harvest more money for the same or worse treatment that never brings a cure.

People are waking up and its happening all around the world. In India they banned certain vaccines and in Oregon we have the highest rate of non-vaccinated people in the whole country. People are realizing that the junk we put in our bodies and the lifestyles we live is bringing great harm…but the vast majority of people in the populace are brainwashed. Its going to be a very divided society with the have’s and have nots in terms of nutrition, health, and lifestyle. Even the people who work at Monsanto won’t eat the foods that they create.

ON a side note: the original post was about candida myths and one of the best ones is the spit test myth. Dr. Mcoomb’s has a great series of youtube videos that mentions candida myths: