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Javizy wrote:

A fungal overgrowth is the result of an immune tolerance to the yeast. There are triggers and underlying causes that accelerate this colonization.
According to the medical literature about this topic, the only possible way to revert this condition is to lower the fungal colonies for enough time to recover the immune status against candida.
To release the diet and the treatment, there should be enough time following them to allow your immune system recover.
It is thought, if you keep the fungal colonies low for several months, the immune system recovers and you are able to leave the strict diet moderately.
There isn’t an ending point in the treatment that you say candida is already death , and that is it.
Correcting underlying causes such as anything that compromises cell-mediated immunity and avoiding triggers such as antibiotics are the necessary measure to avoid a recurrence.

This seems like a roundabout explanation. Candida is allowed to grow when there’s nothing to compete with it. This is exactly the environment antibiotics and extremely unbalanced diets create. You wouldn’t see candida aggressively competing within a healthy gut flora. Restoring missing bacteria is the surest way to resolve any form of dysbiosis. Achieving this is a fine ending point, as faecal transplants have shown us. Unfortunately for the rest of us, restoring the gut flora is a time-consuming and difficult task to accomplish through normal means.

I disagree with you.
The abnormal growth of candida albicans can happen having a “normal” gut flora.
Any cell mediated immunity suppressor such as heavy load of mercury can cause a fungal overgrowth without disturbing your flora with antibiotics.
There are people who have a fungal overgrowth totally unrelated with gut flora abnormalities.
Candida is the result of a weak immune system caused by a cause or several causes.
The intestinal flora can be recovered with fecal transplants. There are people with candida who has done it, including myself, and candida is still here.