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Positivo wrote: Able,

I’m feeling amazing this morning as I’m drinking my green veggie juice and I felt superb last night. Im definitely not planning on cheating anytime soon. If I get desperate I’ll just eat more buckwheat,oatbran or chicken. I personally feel that I’m about half way, of course this is not accurate as it could stay longer. Next week marks 3 months and I’ll stay strict for another 3 months. I want to get some kind of testing done before I expand my diet such as stool test to get some idea of my candida levels and an indepth allergy test. I view this diet the center piece that I will expand on by adding foods that benefit my immune system and gut flora. I continue to do research everyday so that I can learn to incorporate foods into my diet while avoiding another infestation. If you have sources or articles I can read about preventing candida after you resolve it I would really appreciate it. I think the lack of information is what got us all here and why people continue to go in circles. I’m determined not to be one of those people. I also have to thank you for all your help able. I would not have been able to get to this point without your help and the support of the other members of the forum. I plan to provide the same support back to the people here. I hope everyone can stay positive through this treatment and stay disciplined. These 3 months have flown by so let’s all continue to push forward and beat this while learning to appreciate our bodies and future good health.

A fungal overgrowth is the result of an immune tolerance to the yeast. There are triggers and underlying causes that accelerate this colonization.
According to the medical literature about this topic, the only possible way to revert this condition is to lower the fungal colonies for enough time to recover the immune status against candida.
To release the diet and the treatment, there should be enough time following them to allow your immune system recover.
It is thought, if you keep the fungal colonies low for several months, the immune system recovers and you are able to leave the strict diet moderately.
There isn’t an ending point in the treatment that you say candida is already death , and that is it.
Correcting underlying causes such as anything that compromises cell-mediated immunity and avoiding triggers such as antibiotics are the necessary measure to avoid a recurrence.
I hope this help you to understand what this syndrome is about.