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Thank you for your response. More posts will follow. Warning, as I do go into detail about bowel movements and much more.

03/28/2014 – 03/30/2014: The Cleanse

I begin with a cleanse consisting of only fresh and lightly steamed vegetables, and at least eight glasses of water each day. I imagine it can’t be that difficult (I love vegetables! I’ve considered becoming a vegetarian multiple times.) Boy am I wrong.

Day 1 – The first salad is delicious. The broccoli for lunch isn’t so bad. By dinner I never want to eat another green vegetable again. I am starved for starches and sugar. I spend hours scrolling through food on Tumblr, looking at everything I wish I could eat. While it is torture, it also helps me maintain some level of sanity. In addition to my veggies, I am take 2 probiotics with each meal. I soak each night in a hot bath with apple cider vinegar, and cease use of all soaps, shampoos, and conditions, less I throw off my pH balance further. I began squirting diluted ACV into my vagina, and sleeping with a clove garlic inserted inside along with a probiotic.

Day 2
– By the second day, there is noticeable improvement with my vaginal yeast infection, but I am already completely miserable. The thought of eating makes me want to gag. I am completely weak. At 12pm the postman rings the doorbell and I stumble down the steps to accept the package. It is my garlic capsules. A dizzy spell so intense occurs that I barely make it back of the steps. I feel entirely nauseous and fatigued. I sleep most of the day.

That night the dizzyness has ceased. I do my usual soak but I cannot make a bowel movement. I use a needless syringe to stimulate my bowels with warm water and pass what appears to be watery black sludge. Around 12am I manage to eat some cucumber slices. All food cravings have ceased. I never want to eat anything again.

Day 3 – Day 3 is more tolerable with the ability to eat meat looming in the horizon. I manage to eat 3 solid, albeit small meals. I attempt baked rutabaga fries for dinner and it is so disgusting I lose my appetite. I’m able to walk and move without dizzying spells. Again, no bowel movement without assistance. I soak again and head to bed.

With the worst behind me, I am feeling marginally hopeful but largely depressed. The cravings have returned, and I feel entirely socially isolated. All I can talk about is how miserable I feel. Despite the addition of meat I feel no joy.

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