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I think the OP is right. I also think people who do believe in candida are right.

In my opinion, the problem is that a real, existing condition (candida) that does affect people, is “abused” by others who, in reality, do not have candida, but only ascribe their symptoms to a supposed candida infection.

The latter group contains many persons who, in reality, “only” suffer from psychosomatic symptoms. They genuinely believe that it’s candida that makes them feel bad, even though in reality it’s either their circumstances (e.g., a marriage that’s not what it should be) or their way of coping with their circumstances that causes problems.

It’s a known fact that people who are affected by psychosomatic symptoms may be cured by getting the feeling of being in control. That’s why a diet, or an enema, can really help them – even if it’s a totally fake diet or enema.


The problem is: these people, who do not have candida but who firmly believe they do, flood the medical system. A doctor sees such people each day – hence, he loses faith in the existence of candida. The doctor starts seeing a supposed candida infection as just another excuse for “feeling bad” and not going to work.

So – what are we to do? Should we distinguish between real and supposed candida infections? If so, how? If not, is there a different way that allows us to help those who have real candida infections, without being neglected because all those others turned out not to have candida at all?