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Well there are not many medications that exist to treat yeast problems and this is why you have to typically come up with a treatment plan on your own. The only medications that can be prescribed are antifungal and these include diflucan, nystatin, and fluconazole (mispell).

The recipes section has a variety of things to choose from, its kind of up to you what is best, because we all have different tastes. The pumpkin muffin bread is really good…

Candida can be transferred person to person however we all have it so it likely won’t infect most people.

Diet alone likely won’t cure candida related complex (CRC).

The testing I recommend is here:

But the test we talk about the most is the candia5 hypo-sensitization test which you can do at home.

Stress can worsen your general health.

Water will help but it won’t rebalance your gut.

Here is a reading list I put together awhile back: