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Sorry to hear about all the suffering everyone has gone through, trust me though, I feel your pain. I have been dealing with this for over 6 years. Every urinalysis I’ve had has come back negative, but all of them show elevated levels of white blood cells.

I found a story I’d like to share with you guys, it seems to be helping me as well. Garlic is lethal to candidas and has been proven to kill it, keep that in mind.

Cranberry and Garlic

Had prostate pain, was prescribed two weeks of doxycycline for it; during treatment pain resolved but came back and persisted for about 1 or 1.5 months. Here is what worked:

Upon learning about the antiseptic qualities of garlic i started consuming four raw cloves of garlic a day by chewing them and gulping them down with water (i also used milk but it is not recommended as milk may consume some of the useful stuff in there). So, four cloves of raw garlic per day: two in the morning, two in the evening.

Simultaneously i resolved to follow through with four capsules of cranberry extract three times a day (475 mg extract strength per capsule, 1.9 grams of dry fruit equivalent per four capsules.) This can be bought at CVS.

Upon 2-4 days of this regimen, i noticed remarkable dissolution of the usual symptoms associated with this disease and within 1 week I was completely cured. Upon stopping this regimen, symptoms were much less pronounced and were competely absent upon two more doses of cranberry (I never stopped garlic if my memory serves me right.)

I do hope this information will be useful and some people find relief and cure from this difficult-to-treat disease.

As to the mechanism of action, the anti-bacterial sulfur compounds found in garlic are extreted primarily via the kidney route and therefore should act to supress any active infection logded in the prostate area. Concomittantly, the cranberry acts to flush the system of the inhibited bacteria and rid the UT of the illness-causing pathogens.

So, I bought some enteric coated Allicin supplements (the antibiotic chemical in garlic), and I’m now taking those, it seems to be helping so far. I’m also eating 3-4 cloves per day of raw garlic mixed with soup and various other foods. Do not eat the cloves whole, it will burn your mouth, you have to put it in something. I will let you guys know the results after a week or so.