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Tsunny;30600 wrote: What kind of shots?? I have seen an allergist twice and they just did some allergy testing but did not say anything about shots..

@Helpme- I was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder called Sjogrens. I was exposed to mold in my house for about 3-4 years unknowingly and I believe this caused my immune system to overload which led me to be predisposed to yeast. I have been on diet since mid-June and still stuck in stage 2. Everyday I do some researching on how to get rid of the overgrowth. I think if I can fix my gut it will eventually kick my immune system in to fight the overgrowth and in turn send auto-immune disorder into remission. The scary thing about it all is I don’t know anyone personally with this and doctors don’t know nothing. All I have is this forum and everyone in it to give me advice and maybe hopefully I can help someone too. So, yes it is our immune systems. “Normal” people’s immune system keep the yeast in check.

I think like you. One time you have unloaded the immune system, it will probably correct itself and the auto-immune disease may disappear. The key is to unload the immune system and that includes eliminating a fungal overgrowth in the gut.