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Tsunny;30608 wrote:

Well thanks dvjorge, I was tested for mold allergy and other common things in the NorthEast. I will ask for this test. I told the allergist my story but of course they never mentioned candida albicans. So if this test along with delayed sensitivity to albicans is positive, all I need is an allergy shot?

If the intradermal test is positive, it means you are allergic to candida albicans. If the delayed sensitivity test is negative, it means your immune system isn’t attacking candida albicans. (immune paralysis or tolerance)

The hyposensitization shot with candida antigens reverse the test results overtime.


So shot is good either way if test is positive for allergy or the hyposensitization shot? Its not going to send my immune system into a frenzy? Thanks for all the info jorge. By the way, I lived in Florida for 2 years and loved it. Plan on moving there again in near future

They are going to stimulate your immune system to attack candida albicans. At the same time, they help neutralizing your allergic response to candida antigen. Shots are really important and should be considered seriously.