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Tsunny;30690 wrote: Just got a response call from my primary (he seems to be open to listen to what I find on here and tries to understand.) I’m asking him if taking the Plaquinil I was prescibed by aut0-immune doctor is going to help my immune system. Nurse calls me back and says “he says to take Diflucan again for another 30 days and start Plaquinil and see me in 30 days”. For the record, I took Terbinafine HCL 1000mg a day for 3 months (liver monitored) before I knew what was wrong (had skin rash)but did not know it was yeast. This made my ringing in ears go away, but since I did not know what the real problem was I continued to eat “crap” I craved. This was taken Dec 2011-end of Feb 2012. In March had gallbladder removed and was told it had “cholesteral” on it, which I’m thinking was yeast. April, my ears started ringing again. June, rash came back arm, doc prescibed Terbinafine again and said “this is yeast”. Thats when I found this forum and the diet and been on it ever since. July, had EGD done with yeast biopsy which confirmed positive.Started 2 weeks of Diflucan prescribed by digestive doctor. Aug, diognosed with Sjogrens (auto-immune disorder. Called my MD and said I don’t think 2 weeks was enough so he gave me 1 months worth 100mg a day. Now he wants me to take 100mg a day again starting now. IS this enough? I have to admit, the diflucan helps, but temporarily to get the yeast in check. I’m feeling rashy because I had some pecan pie at Thanksgiving. I eat Stage 2 and take 80billion-14 strain probiotics everyday. Always lots of raw garlic and started the teaspoons of coconut oil everyday. Can someone, esp Jorge, take the time and read this and give me some more advice based on what I have just said..thanks

another thought..the terbinafine helped all my symptoms go away (without the diet) before I knew what was wrong, maybe this is the choice anti-fungal? Whats the highest dose a day for diflucan?

I am trying to help you, but I am not your Dr. Please, call Dr. Crandall, she can speak with your Dr and suggest a proper treatment. Diflucan 100 mg is a low dosage. 200 mg a day is the normal doses.