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raster wrote: Hello Arijana,

I hear what you are saying and it is a big struggle. It’s been hard for me and nearly everyone else I am sure.

The digestive problems you are mentioning are pretty normal. I am having them too and it is quite upsetting to see undigested food coming out of your stool. Part of the problem lies in not chewing your food enough (and I’ve posted that before) but the other part has to do with your bodies inability to digest food. Its just the way things are when you have candida and I wish I could aid you with digestion tips; I say keep on trucking and things will get better.

Relating to this, candida causes certain nodes in your body to not function properly. Thats why we aren’t getting as much energy and nutrients out of the food we eat as we want and thats why we are rather tired as well. Its a persistent problem that is difficult to reverse; you just need to kill the candida so that that these nodes free up and function normally.

I had a big argument with my good friend over the weekend for over an hour about whether or not I have candida overgrowth. He’s like “well it could be some other kind of health problem that has caused this” and I’m like hell no; there is nothing else out there that causes a white tongue, indigestion, leaky gut, allergies, etc. Its a flora imbalance and I cannot pop a pill to cure it. I then went on about the downsides to taking antibiotics and he absolutely didn’t believe me that there was any downside. Its very tough to convince others; the best tool to use is to educate yourself on this problem. Explain to others that when they prescribe antibiotics, they are not useful for fighting fungal infections.

Dr. Mccomb’s is good listen and has a lot of information about candida if you want to learn:

I don’t follow his plan but feel that he is right on about a lot of the things he says.

The diet alone won’t cure you, so eventually you will have to bite the bullet and take some probiotics and antifungals. If you start with just 1-2 drops/spoonfuls of antifungals per day, eventually it won’t cause much die off. Then increase to 3-4 drops/spoonfuls and tough it out as much as you can…and slowly increase to where 25 drops/spoonfuls don’t do anything. It will take a long time potentially, but it’ll get the numbers down. Thats when the healing can really begin because it is not nearly as systematic as before.

You need to do as much as possible to get those toxins out of the body so that they don’t tax the liver and kidney too much; molybdenum does this but there are other options as well.


Hi raster,

I am taking probiotics and drink kefir, but every time I try to take any antifungals (weak ones so far) I just cannot handle it. I am taking molybdenum and milk thistle, drinking three lemon waters per day, but since I am so cold all the time, I don’t even break a sweat having a long hot shower. I am drinking nettle leaf tea two to three times a day. There is not much else I can do to detox and I need for the die-off to calm down before I can cause more of the same. This is why I pull back on antifungals. I would bite the bullet but I do not want to cause damage to my kidneys and liver so if I am under a die-off while taking molybdenum than how bad would it be if I added serious antifungals on top of it? I don’t know why molybdenum does not clear the die-off symptoms and to me the only logical explanation is that either my infestation is so bad and there is way too much candida dying or those symptoms are not die-off but something else. Or maybe I am doing all this wrong regardless of doing so much reading and asking here on the forum.

I stopped the antifungal again for three days and waiting to see if symptoms reduce. I am a bit less cold, I didn’t have those Rheinhard’s syndrome like attacks, but the weakness, muscle cramps, stomach aches, chest pains, heartburn are still there and constant. Now, I did not end up in bed like first few times without molybdenum but I don’t even know how much molybdenum works? Isn’t it supposed to get rid of all or most of the die-off symptoms and not just make it slightly bearable and keep you out of bed?

I am sorry for constant negativity, I am not like this usually, but I am in a bad place and looking for information from people that got through this already as I don’t really know what am I supposed to feel and what I am experiencing seems to not really match to descriptions here and other people’s experiences.

I’ve always believed more in natural ways of healing, but perhaps western medicine messed me up since there you have a test, diagnosis and then some way of healing it. Here I just feel like I am chasing something in the dark and since it’s not really seem to be working the way it’s supposed to be working.

I think I need to just pull myself together and reanalyze my situation and see how I can modify my regimen to improve. I will drop the Candida Clear as it may have thinned my blood (this is another struggle of mine, had to reduce vit C to 1g because of bruises, those show up without injury when my blood is too thin, getting my blood drawn today to see if it is OK now) and try taking coconut oil instead.

Thanks for your responses, I do really appreciate it.