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Arijana, I completely agree with Jorge in this situation. When a person has systematic Candida, there are usually several other factors at play such as immunosuppression.

An important fact to consider is, if you did not have systematic Candida when you started your treatment, it’s extremely doubtful (though perhaps not impossible) that you would have developed it during your treatment unless you weren’t following the treatment as described.

Since systematic Candida spreads throughout the body through the bloodstream, it will naturally infest and affect the vital organs such as the brain. This in turn causes such maladies as meningitis and involves the central nervous system. Other organs affected are the heart and kidneys. If the heart is affected, this causes endocarditis, the symptoms of this include rather sever heart palpitations, high fever, heart murmurs, an enlarged spleen and eventually congestive heart failure. When the kidneys are affected it can lead to nephritis. This of course will often lead to kidney failure. The symptoms of this include cloudy and/or bloody urine, a low urine output, edema of extremities, severe pain in the loin area, kidney inflammation, and almost constant severe pain on one side of the body between the last rib and hip.

As you might guess, it’s usually necessary for people who are suffering from systematic Candida to be hospitalized or certainly hospital bound. They are extremely weak and sick people.

Basing my opinion on your posts such as this statement, “Even though I feel much better than I have since this whole candida thing started…” and this one as well back on March 22, “I don’t really have official diagnosis but they did find candida species in my stool 25%” I can say again, I don’t think that systematic Candida is one of your problems.

Arijana, I am convinced that when you concentrate on additional problems such as systematic Candida, in your mind, you’re taking your situation backwards instead of forwards. Think instead about the future when you’re cured of Candida overgrowth; about how much you’ve improved in the time you’ve treated your infestation and about the die-of f symptoms that you’ve experienced. Die-off symptoms are a definite sign of moving towards a cure, and not a sign of approaching systematic Candida.

“Think well.”