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orka1998 wrote: I was looking for these tests in my country (ref: but I found only one lab that does part of it (Candida Antibody – IgG, Candida Antibody – IgA and Candida Antibody – IgM). Since I have to pay for it privately, my questions are following:

1. What am I getting out of testing only these three?
2. Is a test complete if I don’t have the Candida Immune Complex tested for?
3. Does this prove that my candida is systemic or just that I have an overgrowth somewhere?

I did some reading on it and to me it seems that these three would prove that my candida is systemic, but I am worried about the language barrier and that I perhaps don’t understand it well enough so this is why I am asking for someone else’s opinion.

The articles I read are the following:

I will try to “beat” ELISA testing out of my doctor, but in case I don’t I must go private and in that case I can only do the antibody ones.

Thanks in advance for your help in deciphering all this!


I am almost sure your candida isn’t systemic. Candida Immune Complexes in blood is the best test available to confirm an intestinal overgrowth.
The test looks for present antibody, antigen, and fragments of complement of the candida cell wall circulating in the blood. These fragments is the highly valuable part in this test.
The antibodies panel isn’t reliable because the same immune suppression candida cause and because normal people can show a positive since candida lives in most of us normally.