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Hi Keya, thanks for staying connected. I just read your thread and I guess we both have the vaginal itching and burning. I will update how the Diflucan is helping me and i would love if you would do the same. I have heard the Diflucan helps only temporarily but I am wondering if that is because people are not on antifungals and doing the correct diet. Did you get it? I have 100% no symptoms today but have yet to eat. I am afraid of food now! I also got kind of scared when I read that people periods are not coming. I worry about the Moybdenum off setting my mineral balance.

Maybe instead of douching I will just insert the probiotic each night and hope for the best.

I forgot to add more supplements I am on:
4000 mg Vitamin C
One Omega 3
One B complex
One B12
I also take a colon cleanse every night called Fibrazon to help stay regular. It has Pau D Arco, Psyllium Husk, Artichoke, Licorice root.
And I take 1/4 cup of aloe juice every day.

I will update after i eat. I am going to do just green juice today for breakfast.
I forgot to add I also eat eggs with lentils on the side sometimes. I am going to have eggs and salad for lunch.
Dinner Mahi and veggies. I do eat sweet potato with no issues. I eat fish only once or twice a week. No other meats.

All this does cost a lot of money and i feel like I work to heal myself!!!!!

Oh and another thing i am concerned about but seems to not bother me is i eat Ezekial Sprouted wheat bread 2 xs a week and spoons of almond butter (raw unsweetened).