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Once you read Able’s food list you’ll have complete information about what you should be eating, but a couple of things quickly:
-The Ezekiel bread contains gluten, and even if you don’t have a gluten allergy/intolerance per se, it’s still an inflammatory food and is best avoided while trying to heal yourself.
-You can swap steel cut oats for oat bran. Oat bran has half the carbs of steel cut oats.
-Aside from a lot of starch, which is best to be avoided, beans/legumes also contain phytate (or phytic acid), which is an anti-nutritive compound that robs the body of minerals like iron and zinc. This is also present in seeds and nuts. It’s the reason for the sprouting craze, since soaking/sprouting deactivates it. In the early stages of treatment, it’s recommended to avoid legumes, seeds, and nuts.

Some people who are allergic to dairy can have kefir, since the kefir grains feed on the lactose. Alternately, you can make it with goat milk, if cow milk specifically causes a problem for you. If you find you can’t have any kind of animal milk kefir, you can make it with coconut milk (using canned coconut milk — no need to store coconuts), but eventually your kefir grains will die if they don’t get back into animal milk periodically. I make coconut milk kefir for myself, but I also make goat milk kefir on the side for a housemate, so that my grains get refreshed. I just rinse the grains well when I switch them (once a week), since animal milk makes my stomach feel terrible. There’s also water kefir, which is made with different grains but has similar properties. If you look up the “Kefir Lady” website, I think that’s where a lot of people on here get their information and where they bought their grains. Also, since you live in Brooklyn, there’s a really good probability you can buy kefir grains from someone near you. Check Craigslist.

Good luck with everything!