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Hi,Able and Raster are definitely correct about this not curing Candida.

I took Paragone By Renew Life when I first started, which is like Candigone except Paragone is supposed to kill candida and parasites also (I was infested with everything from H Pylori, Candida, and Parasites). I will say it did clear out my bowells. This did kill off a good population of the Candida and Parasites, but I still was infested and without rotating the antifungals the Candida and parasites got use to it eventually and it didn’t work anymore. It was helpful though in conjunction with the Candida diet and other antifungals, pre & probiotics and supplements that I was taking which did help me get things under control and feeling better.

You still need to follow the plan and Raster is right you can purchase the ingredients in this product individually and rotate them which would be more effective. Wish I knew that then too. Raster and Able definitely can save you a lot of time and trial and error that I went through figuring out things on my own. Wish I found this forum before, but I am in a good place despite this and thankful to be able to still learn things on this forum that are helpful now.

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