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No. Nobody here is dying of candida.

Candida and the disruptions of the gut flora and fauna that comes with it do trigger anxiety and health fears, and I’ve even read the specific fear of cancer as a candida symptom. So maybe that will help those of us who are plagued by fearful health thoughts. It’s a part of the candida syndrome and does not need to be believed.

This is what western medicine recognizes as a candida infestation in the body:

They recognize thrush, vaginal yeast infections and diaper rash. They also recognize a severe form of candidiasis, systemic candida, in which the candida has gotten into the blood stream, often through infected medical equipment used on immune-compromised patients in hospitals.

“This type of infection is more often seen in people who are or have been in the hospital. It is a leading cause of bloodstream infections and death in hospitalized patients.

You are more likely to get this type of infection if you:

Are in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU)
Have had recent surgery
Have a central line (catheter)
Have a weakened immune system

They do not recognize CRC — candida-related complex — which is what people here are working to eliminate. As DVJorge wrote, CRC is a different phenomenon with a different immune response.

If people on this site were dying at the rate of 75 percent, a) we’d notice it and b)western medicine would be all over it.

We do, most of us, suffer from anxiety as a result of unchecked and early-stage-treatment CRC and it is helpful to remember that when fearful thinking arises.