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fscott;30378 wrote: I have found that following the protocol on this forum for the past 6 months has relieved my symptoms almost completely. I know that I cannot go back to eating like everyone else, and if you consider that to be completely healed, then no, it seems I may never be completely healed from the protocol alone. BUT, I don’t care. I have experienced candida symptoms long enough that relief is enough for me. I can think clearly now; my breath isn’t horrible; I’m not weighed down by depression and fatigue; my digestion has hugely improved. If getting symptom free and still having to restrict my diet is the best I can do, that’s good enough for me. Candida robbed me of life. If I have to follow this protocol until doctors finally find a “real” cure, then that’s what I’ll do.

Also, I don’t mind the diet. I eat a lot of avocados and other fats so that, even though I have an extremely fast metabolism, I have maintained my body weight.

I don’t know if the protocol can work for everyone. But I tried a lot of methods prior to this one without any success. I’d say it’s worth a try.

There isn’t doubt a well thought diet and anti-yeast supplements reduce the fungal load and alleviate the symptoms. That is exactly what we know. People have different aspirations, and is totally just to expect more than managing.
People want a way to be healed and cured to the point they don’t depend of a diet forever. It is a just aspiration.
Restoring the immunity against candida albicans is known to accomplishes it. It is possible according to the pioneer MDs who researched this syndrome, but it implies more than a diet and antifungals.
Understand it is great for all us to be symptom free, but we should aspire more than that.
We should aspire to a “normal” life even if you decide to eat healthy or not.

It isn’t the same thing to say I don’t want to eat that because it isn’t good for me than to say I can not eat that because it will make me sick.

Also, candida immune stimulation shots exist, so people can go for them. Chelation protocols also exist, and we can follow them if it was the case.

What happens is the real information about this syndrome has been hidden by those alternative and lucrative practitioners who has created websites to sell their products. They can not prescribe medicines. They have to make money with over the counter products.