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mrs.candida wrote: I would like to chime in and agree with PrahaNicole. I think there’s something about the diet itself that is making my periods dreadful. I’m mostly having trouble with raging PMS, bloating and headaches. I was on a low carb diet before starting the Candida diet and my cycles weren’t as bad. It has me wondering if there’s something that the antifungals are doing.
I would love to hear if anyone has found anything to relieve the symptoms. I have a damp and water dispersing chinese herb formula that I’m going to try this month. Also dry brushing has helped a lot with my swelling.

In addition to the reasons that javizy has give; if the problems started ‘after’ you begin the diet, then the problem is likely caused by aldehyde, the toxin that is released by the living and dying Candida. You already have these toxins in your body when you start the diet, but adding those from dying Candida can double the amount in your body. These aldehyde toxins can play havoc with normal bodily functions; this would of course include a menstrual cycle and all of the aspects of it which would include menstrual pain.

These are some of the reasons that lessening the amount of toxins is emphasized so strongly on the forum. Are you using all of the means possible to lower the amount of toxins being released on a daily basis? This means using as many of the methods possible that are named on the links below.

Die-Off Symptoms & Molybdenum

Die-off without Molybdenum

Are you keeping the toxins moving out of your body every day with water, saunas and hot tub soaks, and are you avoiding constipation above everything? If you’re experiencing even mild die-off symptoms, you may need to lower the amount of antifungals or even remove them all and simply remain on the diet for a while.