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That sure was the worst sentence I had written in my update…what I meant was the digestive enzymes I am taking now are helping me break down my foods(now when I am still relatively bad off). Eventually I am going to stop this supplement, the homeopathics, and some of the other current supplements per my naturopath.

I may be taking something like grape bitters in 2 weeks; I dunno what I will be taking at that point and what the plan is I guess because we haven’t discussed it fully. Part will be new supplements, and part will be adding things slowly to a new diet. Thats all I know atm.

If he does prescribe me grape bitters, it’ll be sorta dissapointing because you did tell me about them like 2 months ago(and had a post 2 months before that). Like you said…maybe I should’ve been taking them all along. Thats sorta why I am telling people about the grape bitters while going on a different path myself (and not promoting everything that I do). I know that the grape bitters are effective, but the treatment plan my naturopath put me on sounds/seems effective as well.

I trust homeopathics and the liguid digestive licquescence is supposed to help normalize the production of these enzymes (I am doing an alternative treatment from the grape bitters in other words). All I know is that I am healing pretty fast (faster then before naturopath) and whatever he has suggested has worked for me in getting better/healthier.

I was wondering what you’d suggest other than a probiotic and grape bitters for stage 2? At this point one should be pretty healed and almost(99%) completely over allergies and candida symptoms. I know you haven’t gone back to the old diet you once had, but what do you think works best and is most important during this stage?

My main symptom now is adrenal fatigue. Today I have decided to stop smoking ganja indefinitely to allow them to heal. Next I am examining quitting cigarrette smoking and my sleeping medication. Both of these can cause adrenal fatigue as well.