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1 year update:

I thought last month was 1 year on the diet, but its really was 11 months at the time. I forgot that I had a fail candida diet for 2-3 months before starting the forum diet last August, so if I include those 2 months of fail, I’ve been on the diet for a year!

I am proud to announce that I epicly cheated at my bachelor party this last weekend and I drank some alcohol. I drank some vodka tonics and gin and tonics throughout the night. I woke up tired, but not very hungover whatsoever. If you wake up hungover, it means your liver isn’t working very well or you drank too much. My fiance then took me to the mineral springs in bonneville and it completely neutralized my weak hangover and made me feel soo good. I highly recommend sweating out the toxins in a mineral bath if there is one in your area. The pacific northwest is a place of high geologic activity, so we have many springs throughout the region.

After this week I won’t be on the forum for about a week, and I don’t think I will be on the forum much this week at all because I am preparing for our wedding! So, I will be out of commission and won’t be able to post any information…I am sure there are others that can fill in the gaps and hopefully address your needs. Going to be in Maui for our honeymoon and going to take it easy.

I’ve reached a really good point in my treatment where I feel the best I’ve felt in years. I am unsure why this is, but I think its because I’ve been healing my liver a bit more than in the past. I believe my liver was completely holding me back and now it can do its job. The parasites are dying as well and my ringworm is almost completely cleared up for the first time in the last 10 years. I am awfully happy to reach this point of having no symptoms and no food allergies whatsoever. I sometimes get a random headache but thats about it.

I wish everyone luck with their treatment and just wanted to remind everyone that it can take a long time to heal your body and your gut. I started off on the wrong foot but here I am going strong…