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Great post Raster. I have had actually a pretty good couple weeks. I have mainly been focusing on cortisol levels. I have been off zoloft for sometime, and Bernie knows I get high anxiety levels, especially when my digestion acts up. I have started to take cholacol and taking a daily fish supplement, and I think that makes a difference. I am still far off, but I know I have some things that are not on the diet. I’d rather have quinoa than buckwheat (like buckwheat, doesn’t really life me) and millet, plus I probably have a little more rice than other people, but I do not eat huge portions of it. I think part of that reason is due to my gastroparesis. I notice I puree and make more veggie soups, just due to my stomach. I just wish I could tolerate some cauliflower/broccoli, afraid of gas.

If I have extreme cheats, it is like gluten-free store bought products, am tolerating more dairy than I used to, but it is in goat yogurt/cheese form. Then, maybe about a couple times a week, I can do a small hand-off of strawberries/blueberries in the morning with breakfast, as long as I don’t have protein with it, just on top of my cereal. My major cheat, is probably drinking alcohol once a month. I just can’t ever seem to let this go! I know if I went for quite sometime without, I could heal faster. It is hard for me because all my friends like to drink, and if I get together with them, I want a drink.

I still get constipated as well. Actually, I can go, but it doesn’t want to come out. It seems like a stuck, plugged up hole. However, I don’t want to overdo taking supplements because then I can run into major gas, and the feeling of that I want to keep on running to the bathroom. Maybe I have some hemorrhoids.

Yes, I have taken pleo ex and pleo fort. They are both pretty strong, but I have not been taking anti-fungals or probiotics again lately, Bernie knows, just some pleos and focus on cortisol levels, enzymes, diet, and immunity.

I have been doing good just on digestive enzymes, starting taking cholacol, which seems to help a lot (I can tolerate taking fish oil supplement again, I must have had problems digesting fat-soluble vitamins, fatty foods) I have cut back on talking with Bernie, due to finances, maybe every 2-3 months. I know it slows my progress, but actually, that is better because by the time I get my package, and then start changes, it is time to talk to him again. I hate to change things quickly, but I am learning to not race the fight like I used to before.

I drink teas, might treat with acid-free coffee sometime (like once a week)(actually just trying to drink more water instead). I agree, all teas are anti-fungal; I have gotten die-off from some pretty potent teas.

I did get some extra money, and just ordered the methylation test for myself. I am excited about that because I have talked with Bernie about this, and I know I have felt great on some vitamin b supplements, but others, increased anxiety! This is a long road, and I am just trying to tell myself to keep on plugging along. I do get frustrated because I do think my partner gets sick of my diet and supplements at times; I have been fighting for awhile, but I still believe I am in a better place than I used to be.