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Hey Able,

Well, these items are what he prescribed me based on what I described as far as my ailments. Everyone has different ailments. This is just prescribed to me and not meant for everyone else. My health problems go beyond candida I am sure, such has hair loss, horrible leaky gut, prior drug and alcohol use and so forth.

After day 1, I feel quite a bit better after these supplements and I will hopefully be able to feel really good within 2 weeks…maybe enough to eat regular food once soon or something. I feel not just a little bit better, its a TON better…way more than I expected; I have a feeling his plan will pan out.

I think that the cellulose amounts are negligable and am not worried about it. Quite a bit better than sugar, etc. I noticed other bad ingredients such as maltodextrin, soy lecithen, etc. I am just not going to worry, I’ve been ill 9 months, I really need help and its not a lot of mass worth of the bad stuff. The drenamin contains no honey (created by a brand called standard process), but does have other bovine ingredients.

While he did say my vitamins contain no bovine ingredients, I am wondering why he gave me some supplements with bovine ingredients anyways? I am unsure, maybe I misheard him. I will bring it up.

As far as amalyse ingredients, its just 11% of the vitamin so am not concerned about that. I will mention it, but it could be that he has a difference of opinion.