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So to recap on my extremely bad case of candida:

1)stop taking the lactobacillus sporogenes and take a differnt probiotic
2)stop drinking coffee
3)stop all dairy except greek yogurt
4)do not eat rice at all, but rice bran
5)maybe quit smoking

This is 1 of 3 supplements I am taking (didn’t purchase it here):

Maybe I exaggerated on the 90% thing, but I feel 90% better. I also didn’t mention my candida/toxic mold poisoning was severe enough to send me to hospital 9 months ago(for hyperventilation). I didn’t know what was happening to me at the time and it was never officially diagnosed. But ever since, I have had candida. Lets just say my case may be close to the most extreme case out of anyone here.

One thing I just re-realized is that I had a light reaction to the dairy, so I am fairly in tune with my body I guess (I just got to remember this).

Alright here’s another part of my problem, I am a picky eater. I have a problem with eating food that normal people eat. Before candida, I would describe my diet as a “little kids diet” and it hasn’t changed for most of my life. I need help in figuring out what to eat instead of rice and dairy.

1)I need a breakfast that combines greek yogurt with something else non-dairy. I have no idea what this could be because I like oatmeal and cereals(with milk). I do not eat oatmeal currently but rice cereal and milk. The other thing I used to eat was eggs, bacon/sausage, and potatoes (sausage and potatoes not allowed). How can you eat waffles/pancakes without syrup?

2)I need a new side dish to replace rice that is equally tasty.

3)I need more snack ideas. I am going to try some of the bread recipes on the forum! I checked out the recipes on the main part of this website and those dishes are not my thing, its really tough. I’ve lost like 10 pounds already and I weigh around 140pds. I am starting to panic a little bit because I have to alter what I eat already and I have really limited myself.

Things I absolutely will never eat (picky eater problem):
green beans
brussel sprouts