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Able900 wrote:

No a significant place in my opinion. I have my reasons to believe it, Able.

Sorry, does that mean yes it has a significant place or no it does not?

current pharmaceutical probiotics are Lactos and Bifidos strains which aren’t dominant species in the human gut. Lactobacillus are mostly found in low amount in the small bowel which is mostly sterile.

Did you read the study I posted? Specifically the part that states that one of the qualifying characteristics defining a “probiotic” includes “must be of human origin.” The study is talking about HMF probiotics which are included in our protocol.


This isn’t significant. What really deserve attention is the way I have mentioned to eliminate this infection. The reasons I have given explaining why is so difficult to cure it and what you can do to eliminate it. It really deserve attention. It isn’t found in candida websites. I have dedicated an enormous time and sacrifice to study and understand this syndrome to recover my health. It has been 4 years of my life where I have done nothing more to read, research, buy books, and collect information about this syndrome. My diligence is paying me back.
I have brought the way to end with it without costing a fortune to the sufferers explaining all the reasons why the conventional protocol fail to end with it totally.
I have posted it in all candida forums I visit and the candida yahoo group I am a member. The only thing I am looking for is you all get well. I hate candida enough to don’t ask about anything to bring a solution to it.
I corrected all my serious symptoms in 3 months, something I couldn’t dream about with any other method.
I have no doubt this is the way that really work because I understand the reasons. The same reasons I have posted here and everywhere.
This is what really deserve attention because will put an end to the nightmare many people are living with this intestinal candidiasis.
I hope people be smart enough to realize and to take it seriously.