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Thanks guys. I am just having a rough day coming to the realization that what I am doing is not working and I went too far. This setback will only be for a few weeks because I have had them in the past. I thinking cheating once a month is ok but not once a week. I started to get too carried away, almost feeling invincible like I did on my honeymoon. I bought some rutabegas today and some brusell-sprouts. I have never had either of them in my whole life. I am switching from rice cakes to celery sticks with almond butter. I may even shelve the almond butter.

On a side note: The coloration of your tongue is a great indication of your health and overall progress. The back of the tongue should look nicely pink or red, mine looks like brown crud today. This directly relates to oral thrush; luckily no angular chilitis though!

I think an occasional rice cake is fine but don’t rely on it and eat it every day of the week for multiple months in a row like I did. The corn is just purely a crap food. Tastes good but makes you feel bad. It damages the brain as well as all grains.

I might also reduce the amount of meat I eat and try out downing spoonfuls of coconut oil. Never tried either of these before. Maybe I will do this in conjunction with quitting smoking.

The smoking has been a strange thing for me lately; I went from enjoying it to absolutely not within a few weeks. I have also become hypersensitive to it and it keeps me up at night now when it has not done so very much before. Its likely the single biggest reason why I haven’t cured my infestation and it creates an environment beneficial for candida. I also just simply want to live longer and not die before I enjoy the best parts of life. It likely kills more people than poor diets do. I’ve never been so committed to doing it before, my absolute cutoff date is 12/12/12.