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Hello everyone,

I wanted to bust out a very good and exciting update. I somehow reached a new plateau in how I am feeling and I basically feel the best I’ve felt in the last 3-4 years. My mental clarity and thought processes are very good, it probably hasn’t been this good since before college. The plateau feeling I have right now is unlike any other stage I have experienced during the diet. I feel very much at ease and strong in general.

I can’t really say what changed and why I feel this way. I believe its because I have continued with my protocol with the strict diet for all of this time. I think the supplements and homeopathics I am taking are working very well. I have been sleeping much better and going to bed at a decent time. I am trying to chew my food more often and try not to drain myself. I am cheating about the same rate…once every few weeks. When I cheat I don’t notice any symptoms. I can eat a big cheat meal and feel nothing!

My digestion has been stellar. I have very large BM’s and am very satisfied with how this has worked out.

Coming soon I am going to do some interesting experiments. My naturopath knows of some german homeopathics that will destroy the polysaccharaide sacks that protect the candida. I have never heard of them before. He said that candida naturally produces them and over time they become stronger while slowly eroding. It sounded similar to biofilms but different. He said I will experience more die-off. I will let you know more about this when I do it. He said that he has been waiting for my body to get very strong before proceeding.

My smoking cravings have reduced to basically nothing. I am gonna quit the ganja for a bit starting this week. I am planning on quitting smoking by the end of the year. Its so strange that my body no longer craves nicotine like it used to…my naturopath says this is because I have become healthy.

I also am no longer very tired when I get poor sleep. Really strange…I have a bunch more gas in the tank I guess.