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So I really fell off the bandwagon I guess and what I experienced just a few months ago was where I wanted to be, but I continued onward on a self destructive path that has made me feel very sad.

I had a bad cheat week last week and ate hamburgers and fries twice, one time was because I had to go to a blazer game after work and didn’t have many options, and the other reason was because I forgot my lunch at home.

I also felt so confident in how I felt that I decided to eat some corn chips once every 2 weeks or so (organic blue corn chips) for the last month. I really enjoyed them with the guacamole and tomatoes.

In addition to that, for the last 2-3 months or so I added rice cakes with almond butter for lunch. I thought this would be no problem in stage 3.

This is what I experienced:
-Very poor digestion after hamburgers
-Increasingly very light reaction to the rice cakes and almond butter
-The corn made me feel good and then like crap and also made my digestion poor

Then today I had the first reaction to a green apple I’ve had in about 6+ months. My leaky gut has returned and I guess all of the cheating caught up to me.

I quit smoking pot for the last 3 weeks and reduced my cigarette smoking on the weekends to 4 per day. This really hasn’t made much difference in how I feel.

So today I am just writing to say that I am bummed about my decisions and that I barely noticed any change for the negative. I overestimated where I was at and I am still poisoning my body with junk. I have become so sick of smoking cigs that this is going to be my last month of doing it forever. I now experience no joy in smoking and it has made my insomnia incredibly bad lately.

So I am planning on going back to stage 1. No more apples, no more rice cakes, corn chips, and slipups. No more potatoes on the weekend and getting replaced with rutabega. Smoking is going out of the door as well.

Learn from my mistakes. I thought I was slowly building myself up but instead I slightly broke myself down.