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I felt really bad when I read your post, Raster; very bad for you, but also for the average American because your “cheats” are a big part of a very typical American diet. What seemed to stand out in your reactions to these foods are your digestive problems. I think this says just as much about the food that an average American eats and his health as it does about fighting a Candida overgrowth. The reason I say this is because, obviously your major problems were caused by ‘starchy’ food forms such as rice cakes and corn chips, and even the large hamburger buns contained “wheat starch.”

My belief is that starch, especially in the form of corn and all of its by-products, is the one food product that is most responsible for destroying the health of Americans, and your post goes a long way in proving that. Corn is one thing I promised myself I would never eat again if I was able to cure my infestation.

By the way, I know how you feel about ‘chips.’ One of my greatest enjoyments in eating is a crunchy snack, and to me that means some type of chip. The only safe one I’ve found is the Millet and Flax chips I’ve spoken of before. These can be eaten once all Candida symptoms have disappeared. They can be found in many health food stores or purchased online at Sami’s Bakery. If anyone’s interested, be sure to avoid the cinnamon flavored chips as they contain sugar, and the chips should only be eaten during the third stage of the strict version of the diet.

It’s a good deed that you are doing in telling the forum about the foods that have caused your setbacks, you should be proud of the fact that you’re helping many members to get through their treatment successfully.

Good luck to you, Raster.