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Well, I have been on the strict forum diet since last May (2011). I have a blog post on the forum that mentions my progress as I go through this journey…

Well, about 3-4 months ago I would say that I was at my “peak.” I felt like I was fighting this sucker off really well, and I basically had no symptoms. Since then, I decided to go into phase 2 because I felt that I was “strong enough” to fight off candida and I was sick of my phase 1 foods/diet. I was on phase 1 for 4-5 months or so.

It has worked for me very well, I was able to reintroduce black/red rice (2-3x per week), potatoes (2x per week), green apples (1-2x per week), rice crackers, and fresh almond butter to my diet without any reactions or symptoms this whole time. I even could tolerate the occasional “hot spices” such as paprika with no symptoms. I finally could handle regular salad dressing (just for lunch) which contains white vinegar, sugar, etc (kraft ingredients). I never got a reaction to it either. I was allergic to all of these foods before phase 2, but I felt no symptoms whatsoever once I started to eat them. I was like “yes” I am beating this sucker and I can eat more foods! Yay me!

Then last night, I decided to put some paprika on my chicken and it gave me a bad “leaky gut” reaction. I haven’t tried it for a few weeks, but it was concerning to say the least. I used to have it during phase 1, but I haven’t had a reaction to it for over 4 months. Today, I ate my rice cakes with almond butter like usual and also had a “leaky gut” reaction (a little different than normal, but included a mucous cough, stomach girgling, and a “hot” feeling throughout my body like I did some exercise.)

I just would like to caution everyone about phase 2. While it may seem like heaven when compared to phase 1, it can slowly set you back if you overindulge. Phase 2 items should be eaten very occasionally (like once a week or less) for a long period of time so that candida doesn’t have a chance to come back…

I am pretty bummed that my leaky gut is returning and worsening. I am going back to phase 1 and I likely will switch out salad dressings for lunch. I am sure this happened to many people out there and just wanted to share my story so that others don’t make the same mistakes.

Current diet:

pumpkin pie muffin bread
greek yogurt, kefir, and blueberries (about 15 blueberries)’
2 large eggs scrambled
oat bran or cream of buckwheat
hash browns 2x per week with ketchup (going to stop this soon)

salad with kraft italian dressing (acv dressing on weekend)
teff/buckwheat/coconut flour bread with coconut oil
rice cakes and fresh almond butter (going to stop this soon)

lamb (steak or sausage), buffalo sausage, chicken (sausage)
buckwheat or black/red rice
salad with acv dressing
teff/buckwheat/coconut flour bread with coconut oil

no snacks