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Well, I have officially reached the 1 year mark of my diet change. Even though I started off badly for the first 3 months eating rice, drinking milk, starting yogurt too early, etc…I have managed to overcome my problems and I more or less feel pretty damn good right now.

The last thing thats been holding me up is my liver. I did some testing a few months back and learned that I had elevated levels of liver enzymes. This means that my liver was damaged from the diet, and probably from previous drug and alcohol use. I haven’t taken molybdenum throughout my treatment which is likely a reason why this happened. However, I did stop taking the juniperus (homeopathic) for a month or two before the test because I didn’t think I needed it anymore.

What have I been doing to heal my liver? I’ve been taking liverplex, super milk thistle, some unda homeopathics, and attending regular acupuncture every week. It definitely has been holding me back because now I feel really great; like it was a dam that has now been breached. As my liver healed, I noticed that I am no longer nearly as irritable, my chap lips have disappeared (mostly), and I no longer have my frequent urination problem (or nighttime urination problem that was waking me up at night). It feels really great to get over my last major symptoms. I also had a UTI burn feeling a month ago or so and haven’t had it since. I plan on doing a special liver cleanse for the next 2 months and will share the formula with you guys when I am done.

So where am I at and what do I plan on doing next? Well, I am getting married in about 4 weeks, so I am going to have to drink some alcohol soon. I am going to do a bachelor party where I drink alcohol and I am going to have a few drinks during the wedding. I am also planning on going off the diet from the date of my wedding until the end of my honeymoon…its just not going to work out for me in Maui!

I plan on continuing the diet when I return and look forward to healing my body even more. I know I can still make progress because every day, every week, every month….I feel better than the last. So I am still making progress in other words and I still have a ways to go.

I eat a hamburger and fries once every 3 weeks or so and feel no symptoms when I eat it (no longer allergic). I do notice some bad stools afterwards but thats something you should expect I guess.

I am still doing the same diet as before except I am eating one green apple per day. I am also eating celery sticks with (fresh) almond butter. I was drinking coconut milk on the weekends but it doesn’t make me feel very good and I noticed digestive problems after drinking it…so just gonna give that a break for awhile.

One last thing; I am still smoking both cigs (about 6 per day) but switched to ultra-lights. I’ve noticed a benefit to this so planning on quitting in the future after the wedding. Additionally, I am still smoking ganja daily and will take a break before the wedding. So, I just wanted to mention that I’ve cured myself in a year despite smoking.

I really do think candida is not my biggest problem right now and it really doesn’t bother me much anymore. My main lasting symptom is fatigue which I expect could be remedied by doing more exercise, quitting smoking, and getting more sleep.