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raster wrote: I realized today that eating all of these poisons has really set me back in a major way. I ate a lot of sugar, white flour, breads, and a ton of junk such as pizza!

I’ve been taking grapefruit seed extract the last few days and it causes immediate gas; this makes me think that I am killing candida and its releasing some toxins. It really hasn’t caused any noticeable problems the first 2 days, but today I felt pretty awful afterwards.

I also realized that my leaky gut slowly got worse over the last 3 days as well. Last night I reacted to my teff bread slightly and today I reacted to a green apple (which I haven’t reacted to for about 6 months). I’ve been eating a green apple daily and other fruits because I’ve been on the diet for 1 year.

Throughout my time off the diet, I had little reactions whatsoever to what I ate and I had no noticeable symptoms that the candida inside me was growing and reproducing. My theory is that the last few days I slowly killed some of it off, and this caused greater intestinal permeability, thus the leaky gut symptoms.

Today I also experienced general malaise (die-off?), farting after a dose of antifungals, mental woes, and a very strange “warm/heat” sweaty sensation after taking the antifungals.

I thought I was doing better than this…I hope I can heal quickly!

I also thought I became stronger going off of the diet, but in reality, I think the candida got stronger and its some kind of false/positive type of thing. I mean, I felt great before starting the candida diet again and eating trash…it’s so weird how this works and now I feel bad again eating healthy!


I will be extremely glad you can end with it and to resume a normal life. The only thing I want is you take the time to give these words a thought. I know you have suffered and battled it hard. I have sympathies with you and would like that you enjoy your marriage plentifully.

This is an infection that take place in the colon. The colon is home of our friendly flora and the preferred place for microbial growth. For instance, when a person take
long antibiotic rounds, the flora is disturbed facilitating the growth and mutation of candida. I am convinced that the flora, over time, recover, but it can not displace or eradicate a fungal infection which already took place.

You need to eliminate this infection that took place in a difficult place to reach. As I have said, oral antifungals (Rx and naturals) are absorbed by the intestinal lining and circulate in the blood like any other compound. The problem is there isn’t blood irrigation inside the intestines. This is the reason because SIBO can not be treated with systemic antibiotics. The medicine created NON-absorbed antibiotics such as oral Vancomyzin, Rimaxifin, etc to treat internal gut infection. All this, in spite the antibiotics are powerful bactericidal. Image now, the antifungal that are mostly fungistatic. To my knowledge, there are only one kind of antifungals which are NON-absorbed, the polyenes. The problem is they are very toxic and you can not take by mouth enough concentration to target the colon effectively.
Actual candida protocols are based in a diet more than anything by this simple reason, you don’t have an effective way to delivery the antifungal where the fungal colonies are living. The only resource is to STARVE them, but you will be death first than the fungus if you still continue restricting the diet.

Another point, people have the idea because the tremendous probiotic marketing and business that oral pharmaceutical probiotics will repopulate the intestines. This is totally wrong. Current oral pharmaceutical probiotics don’t colonize the gut permanently. They do TEMPORARY colonization but after 90 days, they are totally gone if you don’t continue supplementation. This is a fact proved by science. You may find some article talking about colonization. Yes, they do but TEMPORARY, they don’t stay.
Anyway, let say that current probiotics can colonize the gut permanently, that isn’t the case. We have a big problem, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium AREN’T the main human gut enterotypes. They are a minority and don’t dominate the human flora. So, if there is an antagonic effects against candida, it won’t be lactos and bifidos when they are far from the real dominant species. The problem is the main enterotypes are facultative anaerobics and anaerobics. They die in contact with oxygen, so it is very difficult to create some pharmaceutical grade using those species.

Returning to the fungal overgrowth, I have concluded that the MAIN issue with this infection is the place where it growth. How difficult is to target and to delivery the antifungal where we need them.

Thanks god, we have the rectum. Doing antifungal enemas, you are putting the poison in direct contact with the fungal colonies. Doing high enemas, using gravity, the poison will flow to cecum and transverse colon. In this way, candida has to deal with it directly. This is the way to eliminate this infection in my opinion. This is what I have done myself the last 3 months and I am totally symptom free after 4 years trying ALL.
There are records of people who did it in the past and were cured but they used only water. I have added antifungal to the water to get faster results. I choose Nystatin and sodium bicarbonate because they have no impact on bacteria.

Another interesting point is candida biofilm matrix is mostly glucose which is water soluble. I am expeculating that the water is dissolving the biofilms.

I have brought all this to your consideration because I don’t find just that after all you have done for more than a year, several days eating openly have caused you to feel bad again. There isn’t doubt actual protocols are extremely weak and ineffective against a real fungal intestinal overgrowth.

About your concern that the enemas only target the colon, I will tell you that one time the fungal colonies living in the colon be eliminated, you will experiment an immune restoration. The rest of fungal focus will disappear. It has happened to me with a chronic unresponsive penile candidiasis that was impossible to eliminate before. It is logic if we consider that the colon is a highly absorptive place. Candida excretes a toxin, MANNAN, that causes severe cell-mediated suppression. Without immunity, it is impossible to eliminate fungal colonies living in the body mucosal areas. It has been my experience so far.
There are many things I can mention including testimonies found in the old candida books written by MDs in a time where there weren’t probiotic boom. They mention totally cured cases in their books.
Again, it is an infection that one time eliminated, the rest return to normal and you feel yourself again.