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Able’s post recently:

You listed your expenses as:
$20/week chicken
$10 chicken sausage
$12 almond meal (last 2 weeks) This isn’t at all necessary, and it’s really a luxury item, plus the coconut flour as you know is much cheaper.
$8 coconut flour (last 2 weeks)
$12 for 3 cartons of eggs (1 week)
b]Let me get this straight, you’re eating 36 eggs a week plus chicken and chicken sausage … every week?[/b]

I am eating 2-3 eggs a day (14-21/week) and the rest goes into coconut bread (6x each time) and pumpkin muffin bread(not sure how many)

$20 worth veggies
$10 stevia (lasts long time tho)
$5 expensive toothpaste (1 mo)

If you want to save on toothpaste, you can make your own by using regular baking soda mixed with a little hydrogen peroxide. And the hydrogen peroxide makes a very cheap but good mouthwash; just mix it half and half with water.
$10 for 2 tubs Greek yogurt
I eat yogurt and kefir three to four times a day, but I always make my own kefir (very cheap) and often make my own yogurt (much cheaper than store-bought). But the biggest benefit when these are made at home is that you know there are plenty of beneficial bacteria in them, there’s no question about it.

I might try some kefir soon

But man this really adds up:
$30 probiotic/2x month
How far are you into the treatment now, Raster? You may be able to do just one capsule at 80-billion count a day if you’re eating both kefir and yogurt every day. Using the Renew Life brand would only be 42 bucks a month instead of 60.

(I am into week 16-18 or so) and have now been symptom free for about 2 months. I cheated badly on our trip to LA last week and ate a ton of items I haven’t had for months; including a hotdog (with bread), fried shrimp, corn products, potatoes, rice, pasta and sauce, etc). I even ate an apple pie and cherry tart! Very little reaction to all of these foods except pasta and sauce (too acidic for me). All of this was spread throughout the week and was like 1-2 items per day. The only bad setback I noticed was IBS for a few days; somehow I even made progress on the trip even while cheating with these foods. All I know is that if I were to continue on eating those foods again (right now) I would get the candida back. I am continuing on the anti-diet again now and expect for it to last another 2 months or so.

In phase 2, I am expecting to eat rice, fruit, corn products, small amounts of wheat the size of a quarter, and even finally sugars/dairy/beef someday. I guess there’s a way to work in some of these items to allow your body to get used to digesting them; my naturopath said that I will be eating wheat the size of a quarter over a period of time to get used to it.

$30 antifungals/avg. month (for like 4-5 different kinds)
Antifungals are usually and unnecessarily the biggest money pit, other than possibly a naturopath. Right now you don’t really need but two really good antibiotics. That’s not how you’re going to cure the Candida anyway; the flora will be the hero eventually. The main purpose of the antifungals is to significantly lower the initial count of the Candida population until you can raise the probiotic count, and also so that the worse symptoms will subside quicker. Once the symptoms have lessened significantly, just two good antifungals taken at a lower dose will suffice. The best I found were coconut oil and oil of oregano. The cheapest and probably best all-round fungal killer I used was rutabaga.
Looking at the amount you posted, 30 bucks for 4 or 5 antifungals is actually pretty cheap. Which ones are you using?
As far as the B vitamin at $20 to $30 a month is concerned, I’ve stated before on the forum that we don’t need to take these if we’re using probiotics, plus yogurt and kefir added is just a big, beneficial plus. The probiotics will build the B vitamins in the correct ratio which taking a B vitamin supplement cannot possibly provide.
The homeopathic supplements are completely unnecessary as well if you’re taking everything else you’ve named. Also, research has shown that often homeopathic meds can eventually make the infestation worse.

What I am taking:
Pro-gest enzyme (helps body break down foods)
juniperus communis (juniper shoots)(urinary tract)(homeopathic remedy)
undecenoic acid (formula SF722 gelcaps)(6x stronger than capryllic acid aka coconut oil)
digestive enzyme liquescence (helps disgestion)(homeopathic remedy)
drenamin (helps adrenal fatigue)(b-vitamin)

Other well known ones:
inulin (add it to the breads)
oil of oregano
vitamin c

Right now the plan is to continue my current supplements for another 2 weeks. I have started the HMF (human-micro flora) forte prebiotic and will take the HMF neuro probiotic when this is done. At that point I should start the next phase which will be to make my body produce these digestive enzymes myself and for my body to work a ton harder getting itself healthy. I am unsure what this involves, but I have a feeling digestive grape bitters, inulin, etc. are going to be recommended. Its going to include totally different supplements/vitamins and maybe not as many homeopathics. This will be a more thorough healing faze I believe. My naturopath mentioned that these current and future supplements are not meant to be a long term solution/plan but a short term one…I know I can’t take them forever!

Also, on a side note…I think I’ve had candida for years and maybe a decade. I’ve had IBS and other symptoms for a long time and thought it was mainly due to alcohol/coffe/cigs.[/i]