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Hi again! Thanks for the advice! : )

I’ll avoid the things on the list for now and see how I feel!

I’m not sure if the cheap Allergy IgE test I got done at the weekend can be trusted at all!
I know for a fact I react really badly to most nuts and animals for example!

Whereas the test I had done at the hospital in 1995 – was very accurate – they drop a small amount of various substances onto your arm and it it reacts you get a large weel come up!

I’m up and down like a yo-yo – one day I feel healthy digestive system wise and other times I suffer severe gas, trapped wind, bloating, and stomach pain. Mainly after I have eaten my lunch in the afternoon.

I also probably only go to the toilet for a bowel movement about once every 2 days! I’ve always been like that!

I have never truly suffered from constipation or diarrhea in my life ever?! I mainly vomit if I have a bad reaction to something!

I’ve tried probiotics when I’ve been on the candida diet in the past but don’ feel much better – they tend to make me feel more bloated?

Just started taking aloe vera (the max strength kind with no additives) and I just feel more bloated and haven’t been to the toilet again in two days. Before I started taking it and I stuck to the candida diet (mainly eating lean fish/meat and green veg) I had a much flatter stomach!