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Hello thechosenone,

You need to email able900 for a copy of the strict forum diet. He owns it and he controls who can see it.

I largely agree with eskimo pups analysis. The soy in the biggest problem out of all of the items you are eating; it is a GMO food product which has not been tested on humans for safety.

The beef and pork are also problematic because they take days to digest while fish and chicken take hours to digest.

The ryvita crispbread is also likely problematic because it is made from grains. This is the 2nd most problematic item in your diet. Oats should not be consumed on the diet as well and so you basically are out of luck with their product line. Wheat contains gluten and the candida diet is a gluten free diet. Oats contain gluten as well.

The peanuts in the trailmix are likely the 3rd most problematic item because peanuts are a very high mold food item (they are dried). Candida is a fungus as well and can easily feed on other fungus. The only safe way to consume nuts on the diet is to soak them and roast them, this should remove the molds. I would still not consume peanuts though…

Caprylic acid is only effective for 6-8 weeks so you need a different antifungal. A great source of vitamin D is the sun! The multivitamins will cause vitamin imbalances because you are getting 1000+% in some vitamins while only 80% DV for others. There isn’t a mult-vitamin out there that gives you 100% DV for what you need daily.

The allergy medications also could interfere with your progress, I wouldn’t know because I am not a doctor but something to be concerned about. You can heal allergies in other ways other than taking drugs…