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I too had my symptoms return after eating coconut bread. I stopped eating it since three days, and the symptoms are subsiding but I need to observe for few more days.

I am sure that was not die-off,I know my die-off symptoms…..I get mild head ache, blisters on my arms etc….
even during the bad die-off days these particular symptoms didn’t return. I am talking about the boils on my face, in ears, and the itchy grey fungal rash growth on few other places on my facial skin.

These are the worst symptoms which I started experiencing since the last one year, and are the ones which made me realize that there was something wrong with my health, and finally made me know that I am having candida over growth.

Actually they completely subsided once I started the diet. Two weeks ago when I first prepared the Coconut Bread and ate for 2 days, I noticed the return. I thought it was because of the wrong type of Stevia I used, which had minute quantities of dextrose. I dumped the rest portion of the bread, and stevia.

Then next week I prepared the Coconut Bread with SweetLeaf Stevia which was recommended by every one here. I ate the bread for a whole week, even though I noticed the symptoms. I didn’t care, because I was quiet confident on the Coconut bread based on what I read here. After the whole week, I realized that my facial skin was becoming the same way as It was before I started the diet.

My diet includes, vegetables (safe), Chicken (I have been eating since I started the diet), and the coconut bread (I started it new). I was confused if the problem was because of the Coconut Bread, or because of the Garam Masala I was using in the chicken. I pointed towards the Garam Masala, because the Coconut-Bread was programmed in my mind as 100% safe. I eliminated both, first the Garam Masala (but still I had the symptoms). Then after three days I eliminated the Coconut Bread. In just 2 days I see the difference, I cant say that the symptoms have completely gone. But, the aggravation of the symptoms which I saw during the past week had gone. Looks its clearing up day to day.

I wont try either Garam-Masala or Coconut-Bread for 2 more weeks. Then after that I will first try the Garam Masala, because at max I will be using it only 4 spoons a week, it shouldn’t have caused such problem.

If I don’t have any problem with the Garam-Masala, then I am never going to touch Coconut-Flour or Coconut-Bread my entire life.

All, I can tell is Coconut-Bread isn’t 100% safe……