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nikki wrote: All, I can tell is Coconut-Bread isn’t 100% safe….

To correct this statement; Coconut-Bread isn’t 100% safe FOR YOU.

Coconut bread has been safe for many, many people before you, and it will remain safe for many people who come after the group we have now, so to make the statement in that manner can be misunderstood by new members.

Any food eaten at any time during the treatment can cause mild to severe reactions in any member on the forum. This being said, it does not mean that every member on the forum will react to a food just because one member did.

I considered coconut bread to be a literal life saver when I was on the treatment as I did not need to lose weight but was losing far too much every week until I added the bread; the bread along with coconut oil were the only things which prevented my weight from plummeting beyond the level of healthy. I know that the bread has done the same for many other forum members as well.

I just wanted to point this out as new members just coming onto the forum can form an instant bad opinion of coconut bread from your statement and possibly never have the advantage of making use of it for that reason.

Concerning boils: Boils may appear for many reasons such as bacterial infections or a food allergy but they’re not directly caused by the Candida fungus. In the case of a Candida overgrowth, they’re usually caused by food allergies. During a Candida infestation you can suddenly become allergic to any number of foods including foods that you’ve never had a problem with before.

To show further that boils are not a fungus outbreak; boils are an infection normally caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. This is why severe outbreaks of boils are treated with antibiotics. If boils were a type of fungus, the antibiotics would have no effect whatsoever on the boils, but would only make them worse.

Thanks, Able