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Thank you Able! I will try that probiotic next. I am currently taking 4 packets of Fivelac a day. I can’t really tell a difference yet and the die-off seems to still be consistant. How would you say the MegaFlora probiotics compare with FiveLac?

Raster, I first started following the diet that was listed on this website starting from stage 1 and am now in stage 3 (hoping for a good change now). I wish I would have seen this forum first and your protocol, otherwise I would have followed it to a T.
Right now my diet consist of all the foods on the “allowed foods list” and slowly have introduced other things back into my diet. I can say that almost every morning I eat a vegetable omelette and almost every night I have a bowl of guacamole from the recipe section on this website. I try my best to not eat dairy, sugar, or things that contain yeast…which is hard but has been doable.
As far as supplements go, The only thing I am taking right now besides FiveLac probiotic are Grapefruit seed extract and biotin. I WAS taking Grapefruit seed extract, Oil of Oregano and coconut oil all together but the die-off got to be too much.
It is still strong though and I don’t know how long it normally takes to get rid of it completely where I don’t experience the die-off.
Should I have been waiting til the die-off goes away to proceed with taking the probiotics or is it okay that I am taking Fivelac with my herbal anti-fungals?