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xxsidkidxx wrote:

So my question is, you said you have been fighting this for a year. Have you followed this particular regimen for a whole year?

You said your stomach starts hurting occasionally….Are you taking threelac/fivelac probiotics? I hope I am not wasting money on this product =/

Hi mate,
No, I follow this regime here on the forum starting with the 30.10.2011.

No, I am not taking threelac. For probiotics its very important to get good strong ones. I had a hard time finding the right kind here in sweden as everything is very weak and still expensive. So I am saving up some money for a real good one.

If I would be in the states I would by one Able suggested: I think this was one of them

I dont think I will be able to order it from the state as the laws here are so tight about medicine, drugs etc.

Then you should consider not having all the anti fungals together. Read my first post to you I added a tip in the end of my post you might have missed as I wrote it later.