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Thomas wrote:

So my question is, you said you have been fighting this for a year. Have you followed this particular regimen for a whole year?

You said your stomach starts hurting occasionally….Are you taking threelac/fivelac probiotics? I hope I am not wasting money on this product =/

Then you should consider not having all the anti fungals together. Read my first post to you I added a tip in the end of my post you might have missed as I wrote it later.

Oh sorry! I did miss that somehow. I will try that. Right now I am currently taking Grapefruit seed extract, Oil of Oregano 3xs a day AND eating about 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil a day. Perhaps this is way too much on my body.

I’m an impatient person lol

I will check out the link you provided with the probiotics.


yes, if you had it all your life, like I believe I too. Then you need to take it slowly and the diet alone will give you plenty die-offs I guess but lets see what able and raster will say.

Check out this page from them:

If you are an impatient, as I am! Read what Able wrote:

Die-off symptoms can start anytime after after you’ve started the cleanse. Die-off is caused by the toxins that the dying Candida release, and the toxins are literally poison to your body; they can make you sick and they can damage your organs, specifically the liver where the toxins are concentrated. This is why our protocol produces a slow progress instead of advancing in an agressive manner.


EEP! Just read that! So this is more than likely linked to my problem of feeling so fatigued and sick since I started the anti-fungals; taking too many at once.

Thanks for all your help Thomas ^_^ Able and Raster seem to have a very good regimen to follow. Wish I would have seen this before starting the not-so-detailed plans I have been following.
Thanks my friend!