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Hello again!

I’m now about 35 weeks pregnant. Still having reoccuring UTIs…I can’t even count how many different types of antibiotics I’ve been on! I had tried doing yogurt inserts and it helped, but didn’t completely get rid of the yeast infection. I think my body was just so out of whack at that point. I went on a presciption cream insert that did the trick. I followed up with plain yogurt (greek yogurt) from stonyfield farm…as inserts. I’ve cut down on my sugar intake, which definately helps with my brain fog. I’ve also been taking primodophilus with acidophilus and rhamnosus (5 billion)- although I’m not quite sure if that does anything as I don’t “feel” any difference with them. Between all that I’ve been doing much better with the yeast infections. Although, I think I have to start the inserts again for a few days.

Being pregnant just throws the body out of whack, I’m aware. So I’m trying not to sweat it. I contemplated trying three-lac once I deliver, but I decided against it. I’m going to try to continue limiting sugar, take the probiotics, and see what happens over time. I know my body will take a while to get back into balance seeing that it’s been out of balance for many years. I thought it may be better to heal slowly than to try drastic high dosage remedies. That’s the thought anyways.

Thanks for checking up! I would appreciate any insight or pieces of knowledge you have picked up along the way! Congrats on your pregnancy too by the way. Hope everything goes well for you!

🙂 musikgirl77