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mrs.candida;40598 wrote: I finally succeed in convincing my doctor that I needed to be sent to an allergist.

I just got tested for allergies to:
mixed fungi
alternaria alternata
aspergillus app
pityrosporon ovale
beta lactoglobulin
wortel(translates to root, not sure what this is)

I was allergic to nothing. It was the type of test where they put a drop on your skin and then poke it with a needle.

However, I was tested in 2011, by dropping blood onto a card. This test was done by US Biotek Labs.
I scored pretty high in the Dairy category with allergies to Casein, Cheese, Milk, whey, and yogurt
Sugar Cane came in at a 4, 6 being the highest.
Amaranth, Wheat, Spelt, and Garlic were also high.

So what do I make of this? Can these two tests even be compared? My immediate thought about my 2011 test was , this is leaky gut, I remember thinking I had just eaten most of the foods I was allergic to. Could it be that I’ve healed my leaky gut since then?

I have two more tests I need done in order to put my mind at rest about where my Candida comes from. One is an enzyme panal. Has anyone had this? I’m assuming it’s a saliva test. Does anyone know if it can be done online, or through the mail? EU or US

I also need to get a Heavy Metel Toxicity test. I just spent some time going back through my medical records from the last 5 years. I’ve seen so many Naturopaths, I’d be shocked if one of them didn’t think to test me for heavy metals. Does anyone know what I’m looking for in the tests? Will it actually list the metals, like Mercury, Copper?

Thanks for your input.

Where is the result of Candida Delayed Hypersensitive test ??

I don’t see you posted about it. The Allergist didn’t test you ???

That is the most important of all.

This is a test where they inject (subcutaneous) candida albicans extract in your skin and cover the zone for 48 hours. Then, you have to come back to the Allergist office to read the result.

This is the test that shows if your Cell-mediated immunity attacks candida or tolerate it.

A negative result indicates NO cell-mediated immunity to candida albicans ( candida sufferers are negative )

A positive result indicates proper cell-mediated immunity to candida albicans.

Without this test, you don’t know the most important.