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This has been posted before, just a few days ago.

I’ve looked at two types of Candida Clear, the single capsules and the combination of two capsules, one containing enzymes. To be honest I wouldn’t waste my money on either product for several reasons. For example, in the single capsule dosage the oregano oil should be liquid and not capsules. The Caprylic acid amount isn’t near enough, and neither is the biotin amount. A decent dosage of Caprylic acid in treating Candida should be around 3600 mg per day in divided doses taken with meals, and you would be better off buying pure organic coconut oil as a Caprylic acid source. The biotin dosage should be closer to 6 mg instead of 2. Magnesium is also in the capsules, and you shouldn’t take magnesium without calcium as they depend on each other. As far as the combined capsules are concerned, they’re even worse. This form contains cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes, both of which break down certain enzymes in vegetables. The by-product of vegetable enzymes being broken down and combined with cellulase and hemicellulase is a type of sugar which feeds the Candida.

If you will type click on “Search” at the top of the page, and type the subject of your concern into the “Posts” space, such as “Candida Clear” you will probably find an answer to your questions and not have to wait for it.