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Hello Latka,

Taking antifungals alone won’t cure your candida problem; you need to repopulate the gut with probiotics which is the single most important thing you need to recover from candida overgrowth.

Natural antifungals work very well to kill candida, so I’d try something else other than candida clear. Candida clear is a multi-antifungal and its much more effective to get all of those antifungals seperately and take them by themselves. Its only plus is that it is cheap. Also, candida can adapt to most natural antifungals after 6-8 weeks of use, so if you were to take this for your treatment, the candida would adapt to a variety of antifungals all at once.

It sounds like you diet wasn’t strict enough; you basically need to eat only foods that don’t give you a reaction. Yes, tomatoes and nuts are not on the diet.

I wouldn’t take the psyllium husks because they can cause internal bleeding and bad constipation. We have an alternative cleanse within the forum you can do that is much safer:

The cleanse is completely optional also if you don’t want to do it.

We have a strict forum diet that most people on the forum follow; if you want a copy email able900 for the link.

I wouldn’t have your doctor prescribe you anything more if he is a western doctor. Nystatin is an effective pharmaceutical grade antifungal that you’ve taken before, and this may the only thing you’ll want.