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Thanks for the replies!

Erica’s makes me worry more! Jorge’s makes me worry less! :-))

So Jorge you are fairly certain that the candida fungus itself doesn’t get into the bloodstream? Just the toxins from the candida, which creates all the symptoms? Even if you have leaky gut? I thought the whole concept of leaky gut was that candida burrowed through the gut wall and got into the bloodstream? Is this definitely not true? It’s much more reassuring if it’s not true and that the candida itself remains contained.

Also regarding ‘do your treatment’, that doesn’t seem so simple either. :-)) I am following Lisa’s plan to the letter but on here I see other people mentioning ‘the protocol'(is that Lisa’s plan or something else?) and also enemas etc, so not totally sure I’m doing the right thing?? Be great to hear exactly what I should be doing from people who’ve got themselves better!

And still wondering if I should be trying Lufenuron? But I think the general consensus on here is that it’s too dangerous to risk??

Many thanks for all your help!